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Ventiko_Lighter Years.jpg

Lighter Years, silver gelatin photograph, 2023

Lighter Years is a new photographic series combining analogue and digital photography along with AI (All's Well that Ends Well) to address the process of recovering from deep traumatic wounds. Building upon and expanding from the 2003 series Dark Days created when I was in the throes of addiction, Lighter Years focuses on the power of transformation through recovery, love and connection leading to acceptance. In addition, this series also serves to encapsulate the contemporary state of photography by incorporating various image making techniques.

The DeHaan Artist of Distinction Award exhibition will be on view until November 7th at Gallery 924 in Indianapolis.

The DeHaan Artist of Distinction Award, created by The Christel DeHaan Family Foundation (CDFF) and Indy Arts Council, supports contemporary visual artists with significant grants to pursue aspirational projects.

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