March 21, 2020 - Ongoing

   New York City is my home; leaving was never an option.

   In a time of global confinement, From the Outside Looking In is a series of portraits focused on connection in a time of isolation & the commonality of quarantine in the United States epicenter of the coronavirus global pandemic, New York City.

   In a sea of supermarket lines, bleach-carrying strangers in hazmat suits, & swells of sirens proclaiming potential mortality, the sense of community can easily feel lost. The drastically new dystopian reality, which we have been forced to adapt to, gives new identity to isolation.


   However, with this series, New York has shown me the opposite. The urgency of this global health crisis provided a clear need for documentation of this unprecedented moment in our history. In the still sunshine filled streets of New York City, what I captured was the authentic reliability & pure emotional familiarity of my home. New icons, symbols, & even modes of transportation (traveling through the city on my bicycle for the first time in years); still with the same identifiers that are pure New York remain beautiful & true -- even from a distance. Resilience, adaptability &, above all else, love.


   From the Outside Looking In navigates “new normals.” Safety dictates that subjects must be captured through windows or doorways & always from at least a six-foot distance. When subjects themselves are potential viral carriers, or aiding in the treatment of the disease, movement, proximity & contact all take on new meaning.


   Everywhere is potentially life threatening & still life continues on. Humanity is both our fragility & our strength. With the city as our great connector, we New Yorkers are once again together in this battle & this journey.


   You never abandon your home.



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