March 21-June 2, 2020

New York City is my home. Leaving was never an option.


In a time of global confinement, From the Outside Looking In is a series focused on connection in a time of isolation & the commonality of quarantine in the U.S. epicenter of the coronavirus global pandemic, New York City. 

But it’s more than that.


Since March 21, 2020, I’ve been riding my bike (for the first time ever) through the city taking portraits with gloves, two masks, hand sanitizer, Lysol, a bike helmet and paranoia (doubling as my grocery store attire). Everything has been a blur, shooting through the peak, down the mountain & cycling into what feels like a never-ending Sunday. I’m 100% certain I’ve had it, I’m 100% certain I haven’t. Death is always on my mind & so is the guilt of not Staying Home.

This drastically new dystopian reality gives new identity to isolation. Yet this city- my city- has shown me through new icons & symbols combined with pure New York identifiers, it remains beautiful & true, even from a distance. Resilience, adaptability & above all else, love, define New York City.


This series navigates the “new normals” we have been forced to adapt to. Safety dictates subjects must be captured at least six-feet away. When we all are potential viral carriers, movement, proximity & contact all take on new meaning.


Everywhere is potentially life-threatening & still, life continues on. Humanity is both our fragility and our strength. With the city as our great connector, we New Yorkers are united together in this battle & together we will survive.


You never abandon your home.




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